More Productive with After Sales Service Support, iSense from Astragraphia


Astragraphia Document Solution - The presence of multifunction printers or all in one printers is very common in offices or companies that carry out a variety of activities, both business and otherwise. Have you ever had any issues with the device in this regard? For example, if the day is busy, the office printer may become unavailable to print documents. In fact, you are pressed by numerous work deadlines, and there are numerous documents that must be printed immediately. Finally, the work could not be finished on time. Of course, this issue will have an impact on your productivity.

So, you will no longer experience things like the above if you have used the latest after-sales service from Astragraphia, namely iSense. This service is one of the digital innovations launched by Astragraphia to support the improvement of service quality for loyal customers. The customers here are offices or companies that use multifunction printers, to face the Disruptive, Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous (DVUCA) business era.

What is iSense?

iSense is an application system based on monitoring dashboards and connected to a server that can be accessed via a website. In general, the application developed by Astragraphia is useful for automatically recording various information regarding the use of all in one printers, including materials used, machine status, as well as machine meters or print/click usage. iSense can be used by customers free of charge, as one of the after-sales services of Astragraphia multifunction printer products. Through this application, you will know the status of the printer in real-time without having to check the printer directly (manually). Also through this method, machine meter data that has been recorded in the system can be used by Astragraphia for the billing process, thereby facilitating transactions. This happens because the process can reduce physical contact with officers.

How to Install iSense

The iSense application needs to be installed before the benefits can be felt. To carry out the iSense installation process, there are several steps that can be carried out. Are as follows!

First, you can take advantage of a team of business consultants from Astragraphia who are in the nearest area. Consult directly with the team to get help installing iSense.

Second, call Halo Astragraphia at 1500-345 every Monday - Friday 08.00 - 18.00 WIB. Next, you will be connected with the Customer Engineer team for further consultation regarding the application to support the performance of this multifunction printer.

Third, after the customer data has been verified, a team from Astragraphia, such as a Customer Engineer or System Analyst, will come to the iSense customer to install the iSense Client Agent on the computer.

Fourth, don't forget to connect the server to the internet network in the office. This internet connection will transfer various information from the all in one printer to the iSense account.

Finally, the iSense application can already be used to monitor printer machines. You only need to log in to the iSense website using the account that was registered during the installation process. After that, various information about multifunction printer machines will be presented neatly and quite validly, keeping you up to date with various printer developments.

The Benefit of iSense

iSense offers various advantages to customers as an after-sales service. Using iSense to monitor the development of this printer machine can increase productivity and performance. In addition, by using the iSense application, you can experience the following benefits:

1. The process of ordering consumables and recording machines from Astragraphia has become much faster.

2. Can monitor the use of consumables in real time and accurately.

3. Can find out the status of the printer machine easily.

4. Its use is free, without any additional costs for Astragraphia customers in Indonesia.

This is a description of the after-sales services provided to customers of printers and multifunction printers from Astragraphia, iSense. This digital innovation service was launched as an effort to maintain customer trust and satisfaction in Astragraphia products.

To find out more about iSense, please contact Halo Astragraphia 1500-345 every Monday - Friday at 08.00 - 18.00 WIB.



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