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employees use to get work done in their current workplace. Goodbye to stacks of paper documents, file cabinets, physical workspaces. Say hello to open virtual workspaces, more mobile working styles, and flexible working hours. Digital work environments provide a very different work experience. Switching to a new work environment is certainly not as easy as you might think.

Companies need the right strategy and careful preparation from all aspects in order to feel the long-term benefits of this digitization. In fact, if handled properly, the company will create profitable business productivity and profits.

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Astragraphia Document Solution as a Preferred Partner in your document solution, always helping your company to become "The New of Digital Workplace".

Here are 8 simple steps from Astragraphia Document Solution that can help your company to seamlessly transition to a digital workflow that is more agile, mobile, efficient, smart, automated, and definitely safe.


The first thing you need to do is identify how your office works and the way you want it to work. Companies need to find strategies to simplify workflows. Managing tasks, processes, and manual workflows changed using digital technology will make everyone's work easier and faster.


See how customers engage with your brand and how your employees are involved in the customer journey. Are there opportunities for other web-based communication? Can forms and invoices from payments be digitized or simplified? What can you do to reduce costs and increase workflow efficiency?


Companies need to create a roadmap on how employees can optimize these tasks and then break down the digital workflow work processes to be more efficient.


Now that you've identified the tasks and workflows you want to change, take some time to evaluate how best to do them. Think about how these automated workflows can be retrieved, shared, placed, and secured.


Companies need to ensure infrastructure and document security. Access to these documents can only be printed and accessed by certain people. So that everyone is free to work without fear of losing important information when switching to a digital environment.


Test your digital document workflow on different devices, in different connectivity settings, and with multiple stakeholders. Getting everyone to understand and accept change is very important. Studies have found that 62% of data breach incidents are caused by human error, 9% due to data hacking.


Now is a good time to step back and evaluate the changes. Do your customers and employees take full advantage of automation? What else can you do? How can you use smart technology and automation tools to improve the way your employee's function and your customers engage with your business in other areas?


Rediscover and innovate. There is always a lot you can do. By staying up to date with what's happening in other industries and with other technologies, you can use automation to your full advantage.

Astragraphia Document Solution is ready to assist your company in changing the workflow to keep improving if the company wants to know more about specific things in document management.


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