Increased Work Productivity in the Office, Let’s Do This




Astragraphia Document Solution - Work productivity in the office can have different standards for each individual or company agency. There are people who find eight hours of non-stop work to be something productive. However, there are also those who think that it is productive if someone can work for only three hours with maximum target achievement. Astragraphia Document Solution will share tips that can increase your work productivity. Of course, it can be adjusted according to your own needs and abilities, of course, stay efficient, effective and keep your work spirit at ease.

1. Create To-Do List and Daily Targets

Work productivity is often hampered because you are confused about which job to start first. It's as if your desk is full of files and documents that need to be worked on, but you don't know which document to start with. To overcome this, it's a good idea to make a to-do list that must be done at work or at home on that day. Make a list of which jobs have the closest deadline, also give a deadline for how long you have to do. Also, make a daily target checklist. If the target is reached, you can just tick it. So you can know what percentage of the target is achieved each day.

2. Take a different path to where you work

Working in a pandemic situation like this time where your company has different policies, such as a combination of WFH-WFO every week. Makes you need to make adjustments to your working hours either at work or at home. If you are a Work-From-Office (WFO), going through the same road every day can make you feel bored, especially if you are a person who is quickly bored with a routine. So occasionally choose a different path when you go to work or come home from work. Taking a different path will make you see different things, it could be that it is uplifting and generates bright ideas for your work.

3. Post Your Dream Where It Is Easy to See

Dreams are the key for us to work with enthusiasm. Everyone has dreams, and so do you. But often you forget about this dream. Put your dream on your desk or maybe put a picture of your dream on a computer screen, so that every time you get tired of working and see the picture, you will return to the spirit to achieve that dream. For example, if you had a dream about buying a house, car or going to Umrah, put up a picture of that dream. If you want to print it in good quality, you can print the dream poster multifunctional printing machine from Astragraphia. Good image quality will make you even more excited to achieve that dream.

4. Do Stretching

Sitting and facing the computer for a long time can make our muscles tense. Do a little stretching and relaxation in the middle of work hours. You can also occasionally walk to the office window and look at the beautiful blue sky, take a deep breath and exhale, it can help you calm down again.

5. Consume Healthy Snacks and Drink Enough Water

For those of you who can't focus on working without food, make sure to bring healthy snacks. Snacks that contain too many carbohydrates will actually make you sleepy quickly. Replace unhealthy snacks with refreshing snacks such as fruit or salads. Not only that, work often makes us feel tired quickly because we don't pay attention to the water intake needed by the body. Make sure not to forget to drink enough mineral water. Lack of water can make you less concentrated and decrease the productivity of your performance. If you don't really like plain water, you can bring juice or infused water with lemon or some fruit in it.

Work productivity increases, you will remain enthusiastic about doing activities again in your work environment.


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