Data Capture Solution, Simple Method for Managing Your Company's Document Flow

Data Capure Solution

Astragraphia Document Solution - Massive technological developments have forced many companies to need an integrated digital document management system. Currently, there are still many companies that carry out the document digitization management process manually. This manual document management system can cause a number of problems, ranging from human errors to delays in access or distribution among employees. To answer your curiosity about what is Data Capture Solution, see the following explanation from Astragraphia about Data Capture Solution!

What is Data Capture Solution?

Data Capture Solution is a form of digital transformation in the form of a solution for extracting information or data from paper or electronic documents and converting them into data to be managed more easily within the system. Even though currently the document digitization process has been carried out using a scanning system, the process takes time and effort. You have to route and rename documents manually.

Data Capture Solution comes with the ability to 'capture' all the data you want to document and then identify the format. After that, then the documents are distributed to their respective storage folders or sent via email to the divisions.

How Does the Data Capture Solution Work?

Data Capture Solution from Astragraphia, the company has complete features for digital data retrieval and document management. Ultimately, this will reduce costs, speed up processes, and help you improve customer service. With a connected system, employees who work from anywhere can also have access to accurate information through several steps, namely:

• Identify and classify documents electronically

• Extract or capture data from documents

• Ensure users see only the information they need

• Indexing data to facilitate the process of searching and retrieving documents if needed

• Validating data

• Easily update core systems with incoming information via integrations.

How does Astragraphia's Data Capture Solution Benefit All Components in the Company?

The automation capabilities of the Data Capture Solution are incorporated into workflows, there are several tangible benefits that companies will experience, including:

1. Facilitate Physical Document Management

In remote work settings, digital documents are an undeniable necessity. This method of data processing eliminates the need for piles of paper to be carried to the office, between buildings, or even home. This will lower the cost of storage, courier, and destruction of obsolete files.

The workflow process with documents becomes simpler because you can easily capture documents from where they came from. You can use a variety of devices without having to manually sort or insert separator pages before scanning.

Staff can use this tool to automatically sort and identify documents. This system can also be configured to send documents electronically to a designated email address.

2. Eliminate Manual Data Entry Process

Processing documents manually has the potential to cause many problems, one of which is human error. With the Data Capture Solution, employees do not need to process document checks manually or by mail to extract information.

Data Capture Solution can reduce manual data entry efforts around document processing in small, medium and large scale companies. This will help lower labor costs, speed up business processes and improve customer service by ensuring employees have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips. Scaling this capability across departments within a company has the potential to lead to greater productivity.

The process for managing data and digital documents that you need may be different from other companies. Astragraphia as the Exclusive Distributor of FUJIFILM Business Innovation in Indonesia is ready to assist your document solution needs with your business. Consult your needs for document solutions including printers and Data Capture Solutions at Halo Astragraphia at 1500-345 every Monday to Friday during business hours (07.00-18.00 WIB).



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