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Creative Application

Astragraphia Document Solution - With more and more advertisements being displayed online, many businesses are starting to think that creative printing is not that important. Some think that printed advertisements will only burden the budget. In fact, there are still many industrial sectors that depend on printing, one of which is those who work in the field of creative artwork.

Astragraphia as the Preferred Digital Workspace and Graphic Communication Partner in Indonesia as well as the Exclusive Distributor of FUJIFILM Business Innovation presents various types of printers, multifunction printers and production printers for various needs. Not only for personal and office printing needs, you can choose a variety of production printer products that will improve the print quality of the creative applications you produce.

Examples of the Most Demanded Creative Application Prints

Digitalization has indeed made it easier for us to do many things. However, until now, printing is still a solution for various industries, especially the creative and printing industries. Some examples of creative application prints that you can find on the market include:

1. Packaging

During the pandemic, many MSMEs have experienced a decrease in turnover. Among the many strategies that can be implemented to survive and develop from competitors is to make attractive packaging designs to increase buyer interest. Astragraphia, through a variety of printer products produced by Fujifilm, is ready to become a reliable solution provider for you.

2. Brochure

Advertising and product promotion using brochures is still quite effective. In addition to an attractive brochure design, quality print results also determine the success rate of the promotion.

3. Invitation

Invitations can indeed be sent digitally. However, for a more personal impression, physical invitations are still the choice of the majority of Indonesians. Invitation card printing entrepreneurs need high-quality printing machines to produce attractive products for consumers. For this reason, Astragraphia presents a large selection of printing machines to choose from according to your needs.

Why Are Creative Print Apps Remaining Popular?

You have the potential to achieve extraordinary things for your creative and craft businesses through the printing segment. From increasing sales to attracting lots of customers, printing can help you achieve your goals when applied correctly and as needed.

If you're looking for ways to increase branding reach, printed materials could be the answer. You can target a broad market with a variety of creative print products to choose from. Business cards, for example, allow you to give a potential client or customer a professional approach.

Meanwhile, flyers or brochures that are packaged in an attractive and informative manner will help potential customers recognize the brand and products that you offer. If you are looking for an effective way to market your business, print is one of the most profitable. No wonder that until now there are still many people who rely on it.

Why Should You Choose Astragraphia as a Creative Application Printing Solution?

Astragraphia is Astra's business pillar in the Information Technology sector. Focusing on the Printing and Digital Services business, Astragraphia provides end-to-end solutions for personal, corporate and industry players' printing needs.

Astragraphia, which has a Document Solutions business unit which also acts as its core business, is working with FUJIFILM Business Innovation. Why should you choose Astragraphia as your creative printing solution provider?

Astragraphia as the Exclusive Distributor is committed to presenting the latest and most up-to-date products from FUJIFILM Business Innovation. Not only marketing, Astragraphia also provides after-sales services throughout Indonesia.

You can consult with the Astragraphia team to get various information, including what kind of production printer machine is most suitable for your needs.

With the various advantages above, Astragraphia is committed to providing support to accelerate clients' business progress. Get information about a series of production printer machines that can provide the best creative printing solutions for your business here or Call Halo Astragraphia at 1500-345 every Monday-Friday 07.00-18.00 WIB!



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