2 Simple Steps from Astragraphia to Make Your Business More Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly



Astragraphia Document Solution - More and more people are starting to be vocal about their commitment to caring for the environment and sustainability efforts for themselves or the work environment. Talks about going green or getting greener happen every day, but how about starting to put those words into practice?

Astragraphia which is the exclusive distributor for marketing and after sales services from FUJIFILM Business Innovation in Indonesia. Astragraphia through its core business, document solutions, is committed to presenting innovative product and service technologies, which aim to develop companies that can contribute greatly to creating a sustainable company. Not only facilitating work activities and managing digital document workflows but also presenting the right solutions according to customer needs that are environmentally friendly.

As the issue of rising global temperatures on the earth's surface escalates, FUJIFILM Business Innovation is actively developing new technologies and launching innovative energy-saving products to assist customer needs in reducing the carbon footprint in the surrounding environment. A must for those of you who care about the environment to be able to start implementing it in the following ways:

1. Switch to Environmentally Friendly and Energy Saving Products

Astragraphia continues to encourage innovation and development of environmentally friendly products through raw materials that have been tested to be environmentally friendly and significantly reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions in the printing process. FUJIFILM Business Innovation as the main principal of Astragraphia, has products that already use environmentally friendly raw materials.

Astragraphia's principal principal, FUJIFILM Business Innovation, is involved in the research and development of new bio-cellulosic-based plastics. This material has been tested to be more environmentally friendly, strong and durable. This material is used in parts in FUJIFILM Business Innovation devices. In addition to materials that are more environmentally friendly, technology from FUJIFILM Business Innovation devices already uses "Smart Energy Management" for certain power usage. Power consumption and CO2 emissions can be reduced significantly because this technology supplies power only for the specific function used.

The easiest way to reduce carbon footprint is to invite your company to start switching to office products that are environmentally friendly and energy efficient while still being able to increase overall work productivity.

The presence of the latest series of printers and multifunction printers from Astragraphia, The New Fujifilm ApeosPort and ApeosPort Print (*) is a solution to get work done efficiently while reducing the impact on the environment. In addition, this series of machines has been tested according to the policies of (TEC) Energy Star so as to ensure energy efficiency and its ability to reduce the carbon footprint in your workplace or business venture.

Not only that, the Eco-Mode setting helps you use toner efficiently through pre-configured smart settings that deliver great results, but with a reduced burden on the environment. Every model in this new series supports duplex printing which helps save time and resources. It has very seamless double-sided printing and reduces paper usage. The printer automatically enters low power mode when not in use, lowering energy consumption and operating costs in your workplace.

The newest printer product, the ApeosPort (**) series, which is marketed by Astragraphia, provides service features that can improve business process efficiency which results in cost savings and carbon emission reductions due to more efficient use of electricity. In addition, these three products are also supported by the use of a toner known as SUPER EA-ECO Toner which can reduce the impact of environmental damage and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 60-80% with the application of the latest technology where printouts can stick to paper at a temperature 10 celcius degree.

2. Reduce and Recycle: Avoid Hoarding

The use of recycled paper is now increasingly widespread. We have seen a lot of paper recycling bins in office environments and in the business sector. However, recycling for printer cartridges, which feels unfamiliar, is often overlooked. Based on surveys and findings from an article published by Energy Central, it is described that around one million printer cartridges are thrown away every day globally without any attempt to recycle them. From an estimated annual perspective, it can be said that 365 million printer cartridges reach landfills or remain unrecycled.

Have the latest printers and multifunction printers from Astragraphia such as The New Fujifilm ApeosPort and ApeosPort Print (*) and The New Fujifilm Apeos and Apeos Print (**) for efforts to provide environmentally friendly document management solutions by calling Halo Astragraphia 1500345 every Monday - Friday 07.00 - 18.00 WIB for further information.

*Apeosport & Apeosport Print Printer Series: Apeosport C3830SD, Apeosport Print C3830SD, Apeosport C3320SD, Apeosport Print C3320SD, Apeosport C2410SD, Apeosport Print C2410SD, Apeosport 4020SD, APEOSPORT PRINT 4020SD, APEOSPORT 3410SD, APEOSPORT PRINCORT Apeos 6340, ApeosPort Print 6340

**Apeos & Apeos Print series: Apeos C2060, Apeos C2560, Apeos C3060, Apeos 2560, Apeos 3060, Apeos 3560, Apeos 4570, Apeos 5570, ApeosPrint C5570, Apeos C5240, ApeosPrint C5240, Apeos 6340, ApeosPrint 6340

Processed and adapted from the article FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore - https://www.fujifilm.com/fbsg/en/insights/article/3-simple-steps-to-make-your-business-more-sustainable



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