How Ready Are You for Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation

Astragraphia Document Solution - Nowadays, choosing the steps to digitally transform your business is no longer an option, it is a must. By slowly starting to automate your entire business workflow, there is no longer a bottleneck of manual work processes, everything becomes faster.

If business automation is carried out with careful preparation and organization, it is undeniable that this will result in maximum profit.

Imagine! If you become a small company with the same technological advantages as a global business. Having the ability to change and develop can be done within a few months. The ability to automate document workflows and change workflow management is possible. The most important factor to do it all by having the best cybersecurity.

More and more companies are turning to fully automated and digital.

So what does this digital transformation mean for your business, staff, and workforce in general?

Start with the Right Technology

Companies need new skills. To accelerate transformation, you need technologists, data analysts, and those highly specialized skills in areas such as cybersecurity.

The tricky part is, your competitors are also looking for the exact same thing.

One way to stay ahead of this skill hunt is to use the right technology. By having an overall workflow management system in place, you will be able to take advantage of many of these advanced, automated, analytical security solutions.

However, technology can only bring your transformation so far.

Here are 4 tips to facilitate the digital business transformation of your business or company.

1. Transformation Starts at the Top.

To accelerate digital transformation, you need digitally savvy people on your senior management team. This could be a new employee or an existing team member. The key is to identify. Then let them set specific goals and accomplishments.

2. Teamwork

Once you have identified the transformations your company needs, the next step is to make changes to the team level. It starts with redefining individual roles and responsibilities so that they are incorporated into your organization's goals. A good place to start is by digitizing individual document tasks into a better document workflow.

Be sure to find skilled human resources who can translate and integrate digital methods and processes into existing ways of working. If this proves difficult, you can consult document solutions with companies that are experts in their fields such as Astragraphia Document Solution.

3. Empowering New Ways of Work

Digitization is changing the way we do things. It makes fellow coworkers more collaborative, more mobile, and more customer-centric.

The key to optimizing this change is to give appreciation to one's interests and work functions.

First, through regular education and training. Second, by getting your people to provide input on what they want to see digitally and what they don't.

4. Communication is Key.

Everyone involved must feel active and have a voice. Have a clear plan and communicate it to your team. Research has shown that transformation is possible if people understand and accept change.

Set a target and time so that the change takes place in a mature manner.

Here it is clear that the transformation requires time and careful preparation. The trend towards digitization will continue to be massive and persist. Deciding to change the digital transformation workflow is important. But remember, things don't change overnight. A company needs to have the right technology, the right people, and the right plans and preparations. Enjoy the process.

Astragraphia Document Solution as the main principle of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp. in Indonesia can help you turn transformation concerns into freedom to grow. If you want to know more about the range of products and solutions that can help you transition to a digital work environment, the Business Consultant Team from Astragraphia will be happy to talk about solutions that can accelerate the growth of your business.


Translated From the website of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp. on “How prepared are you for a digital transformation?”: Retrieved April 19, 2021.


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