No Matter Where You Work

No Matter You Work

Astragraphia Document Solution - Timing is crucial when it comes to sales. Before the deal is signed, the approving signature is a barrier. Many businesses still rely on printed paper contracts, and a physical endorsement by signing on the contracts. This time-consuming manual action, can delay the signing process, cause frustration, and even introduce new unknown risks at this concluding stage.
With e-signature, your business transactions can now be sped up securely. You become more efficient with fewer manual processes. You save money and improve productivity, ultimately, you create a better customer experience. Learn how you can enjoy these benefits now with FUJIFILM Business Innovation.

e-Signature transforms your sales process

It is simple, secure, and easy to use. e-Signature helps to speed up the turnaround time, to create track and sign contracts.

You can process contracts within seconds, in just a few clicks. You save your most valuable resource – time.

Over the years, e-Signature has become an integral solution for any business that strives to maintain its competitive edge.

Why should you adopt electronic signatures?

Electronic signatures can help businesses simplify and increase the efficiency of their processes. The following are the benefits compared to conventional signing

1. Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčImprovement

Electronic signatures can be done digitally, so there is no need to physically print, send or sign documents. This can save time and costs.

2. Increased Efficiency

Electronic signatures can reduce manual processes, so businesses can increase productivity.

3. Improved Security

Electronic signatures can be protected with encryption technology, thereby reducing the risk of forgery.

4. Improved Customer Experience

Electronic signatures can create a better customer experience by making it easier and more convenient to sign documents.

Astragraphia as the Exclusive Distributor of FUJIFILM Business Innovation in Indonesia presents electronic signature solutions that can help companies enjoy these benefits. Astragraphia's electronic signature solution is a simple, secure, and easy-to-use solution. This solution can help companies speed up the process of creating, tracking, and signing contracts. Now, get your remote work done faster and easier.

Source: adapted from the FUJIFILM Business Innovation Website


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