How to Pay Astragraphia Bills Easier. Recognize the Benefits and Advantages!

Virtual Account

Astragraphia Document Solution - Billing and payment methods are evolving in tandem with technological advancements. Previously, we could only make cash payments; now, we can also make non-cash or online payments. Astragraphia is dedicated to providing the best possible service to its customers. As a result, an increasing number of payment systems have emerged. Astragraphia also wishes to provide customers with convenience and practicality in their buying and selling transactions in accordance with the currently developing non-cash payment system.

Astragraphia provides convenience in terms of billing and payment to avoid human errors such as forgetting to bill, billing that is too close to the day of payment and courier errors and inaccuracies when sending invoices. One of them is by introducing a virtual account option which is currently being used by many customers to make online payments for purchasing or leasing printer machines. This non-cash payment method with a virtual account is not much different. Although some customers prefer to pay bills by means of intra-bank account transfers, between banks, or credit cards. The virtual account service can be selected by users as an alternative for making payments when making online transactions, for example with other payment methods in general such as bank transfers, internet banking, mobile banking, payment gateways or cash/cheques

What are Virtual Accounts?

Virtual accounts, also known as fictitious accounts, are accounts that are not real. A virtual account typically includes a customer ID number generated by a bank. Customers will receive one ID, also known as a virtual account number, for each transaction. Astragraphia will also provide customers with virtual account numbers that are unique and distinct from one another from various banks. You can also change it to suit your needs.

Payment transactions using the virtual account method are faster and more practical. Of course, you no longer need to confirm payment by sending proof of transfer to Astragraphia because payment confirmation is done automatically. Paying any bills is obviously easier for each transaction, because customers only need to know one unique VA number according to the nominal transaction made.

The Benefits of Using a Virtual Account

For your information, this payment method with a virtual account eliminates the need for a customer to confirm payment. You will only be asked to pay the nominal amount on the invoice billed to your VA number.

Even so, using a virtual account still necessitates entering an account number and transferring funds when paying, but it can be done online rather than visiting the nearest bank branch or ATM. Because it may be difficult to locate an ATM to make manual transfers at times. Not to mention that you will be required to send proof of the transfer in the form of a receipt or a screenshot in the e-banking service.

Astragraphia Virtual Account Advantages

Customers benefit from virtual accounts, but so do small and medium enterprises (SMEs), also known as small and medium enterprises (SME) internationally. As is well known, one of the benefits of paying through a virtual account system is the speed and convenience of using a unique ID number based on the transaction nominal, as well as automatic confirmation. Here are some of the advantages of virtual accounts for small and medium-sized businesses:

1. More adaptable

Virtual accounts undoubtedly provide more flexible payment options for each transaction. You can do it whenever and wherever you want. This method will also reach more people and make customer payments easier.

2. Payments Made Automatically

Virtual accounts can detect every transaction that occurs automatically, making work more efficient. You are not always required to ensure that your customers have completed transactions correctly.

3. Transaction Security

Virtual accounts provide functionality that corporate banks can implement, allowing you as a client to define, manage, and customize your banking account structure whenever and wherever you want, using modern technology and secure channels. This will make your and customer's transaction experience very fast and secure.

4. Save Time and Energy

The use of this virtual account makes it very easy for anyone to make transactions. Any amount can be paid off immediately without a certain time limit because this payment system can also be done during holidays. You can save time and effort without going to the bank. This advantage will be obtained by SME or SME business people.

5. The Right Anti-Complicated Solution

A customer no longer needs to stand in long lines at the bank to make a transaction. A virtual account can be the right solution for you because you can make payments only from home, or wherever you are. You also benefit more because you no longer need to save a lot of cash, right? Your transactions will be protected, practical, and safe from fraud and even theft. The business can grow even more, and can actually compete with products from abroad. You can also take advantage of several payment methods according to customer preferences, one of which is a virtual account.


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