Business Activities Run More Smoothly with Integrated Printing Solutions from Astragraphia

Integrated Print Solution

Astragraphia Document Solution - In the business world, the use of multifunctional devices with digital document management features have become commonplace. Employees can perform a variety of document-related tasks as well as collaborate without having to meet in person. Astragraphia Document Solution's multifunctional device technologies have been specifically designed to support new workstyle routines in the digital and hybrid working era.

Why Should You Use a Multifunction Printer?

Companies must be able to increase profits year after year. In order to make a significant profit, a company will generally reduce inefficient costs while maintaining the quality of the products/services produced. According to ITworld [2], most businesses struggle to manage and track printer usages such as condition, consumables, damage, and other support costs.

Astragraphia Document Solution includes a Managed Printing Solution (MPS) that can help the company focus on saving money and streamline its operations. It is possible to integrate the Fujifilm ApeosPort-VII CP4421/P5021 printer engine into the system so that you can use the Reporting & Print Anywhere feature, which benefits beyond the three basic functions mentioned above. The combination of technologies such as mobile connections, cloud networks, and various software offers a variety of advantages, including:

1. Document Management from Anywhere

Connect this device to your phone, laptop, tablet, or computer to remotely manage documents. This not only improves efficiency but also helps activities like WFH.

2. Reduce The Cost of Document Management.

The Astragraphia multifunction device assists businesses in determining the number of documents that must be printed automatically and saves time in distributing documents to all team members. This reduces management costs while also allowing the job to be completed more quickly.

3. Maintain Security during Document Transfer

The digital document printing system has become more secure because it is supported by security features. Astragraphia products are equipped with advanced protection systems to protect documents from cyber attacks. The digital document transfer system also reduces the need for manual transmission.

The Advantages of Integrated Print Solutions

Astragraphia Document Solution provides an integrated printing solution with advanced features via several software applications that are integrated with the system, such as the following:

The Kofax Control Suite

The Kofax Control Suite speeds up and eliminates errors in document scanning. You can preview the document as well as change its settings.

ApeosWare Management Suite version 2.2

ApeosWare Management Suite 2 is software that manages devices and their usage while also integrating authentication, printout, bookkeeping, and document distribution.

Ysoft SafeQ

Yshift SafeQ simplifies the document management process. You can customize your document printing needs in one place, making it easier to manage your documents

Multifunctional devices make business activities smoother and more efficient and reduce the risk of errors from setting documents manually. Call Halo Astragraphia 1500345 every Monday – Friday at 08.00 – 17.00 WIB now and use the Astragraphia Document Solution tool as a means to improve your business efficiency.

After getting an explanation from the article above, Astragraphia Document Solution invites you to fill out the survey link "More Than Just Your Business Potential" and you can find out alternative document solutions that are right for your work environment to create a much better Future of Work.


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