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08 September 2020

Astragraphia Webinar: The Smart Way to Optimize Flow of Your Office Documents

The large impact during the COVID-19 pandemic in many sectors, especially the industrial sector, made many companies implement adjustments. One of them is the Work From Home protocol. The existence of this protocol creates a lack of human resources in an office environment which can hamper some workflows, especially document flow in offices. This lack of resources increases the risk that these documents may not be stored properly if carried out with manual, conventional workflows. Then, how can a company optimize its workflow?

06 August 2020

Astragraphia Webinar: Create High Value Application Products with Mimaki UV Inkjet Printer

Talking about the printing trend, currently what is "in" and on the rise is the use of UV printing technology.

17 July 2020

Astragraphia Webinar: Boost Print Shop Sales Through Social Media

Entering the New Normal phase. One of the big changes we feel is a significant increase in internet usage during the pandemic. Now people in Indonesia are starting to turn online for searching information and making purchases.

15 July 2020

Getting to know more about Direct to Garment (DtG) Printing with Astragraphia and EPSON

The presence of Direct-to-Garment (DtG) technology has changed the printing paradigm in Indonesia. With DtG technology, designers have the opportunity to express their creativity ideas and implement their design elements on-demand digital printing on the fabric surface (textiles, for example t-shirts or cotton) easily and quickly.

10 July 2020

Astragraphia and Kemenparekraf Collaboration to Generate Bali Creative Industry

CAP or Competence Aid Program is one of PT Astra Graphia Tbk (Astragraphia's) public contributions in the education pillar, in the form of continuous training for the community carried out by Astragraphia employees since 2000. In line with the company's business transformation in the printing and digital fields, Astragraphia is now focusing expanding the reach of CAP to MSME players engaged in the creative industry by providing training on digital printing and packaging on demand.

07 July 2020

Astragraphia Supports Optimization of University Press Towards “Program Kampus Merdeka”

July 7, 2020 - Astragraphia once again held its 3rd online webinar through the ZOOM online meeting application with the name "Optimizing the Development of University Press as a Supporter of the “Program Kampus Merdeka” in Higher Education".