More Effective Document Workflow, Increased Productivity


Astragraphia Document Solution, 18 September 2020 - A dynamic and flexible office environment must be balanced with a regular workflow, from input processing to document output. With organized documents, all company operational activities can run well. However, many companies are still not aware of this or have the budget capability to undergo this organized and automated workflow process. Of course, it takes a smart work concept that is able to meet the needs of employees in document flow efficiency in an office environment.

PT Herlina Indah, is one of the companies engaged in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry, offering daily consumption products such as Antis, Sofell, Kispray, and Coolant and is also one of Astragraphia's loyal customers. PT Herlina Indah has been established in 1988 which is located in the Pulo Gadung Industrial Estate, East Jakarta, entrusts Astragraphia Document Solution to be able to transform digitally in terms of managing office documents to be more effective. Some time ago the Astragraphia team had the opportunity to interview PT Herlina Indah about the benefits and conveniences felt in managing documents using solutions from Astragraphia.

The process of managing documents at the IT, Finance and General Affairs and Procurement Departments at PT Herlina Indah, such as purchase memos, invoices, delivery orders, and others, previously still used manual methods such as scanning these documents, then storing them on each computer -Each employee, change the document name according to the department, then upload it to the company's document center portal. You can imagine, this manual workflow will certainly take up time and effort, but it also carries a high risk of losing documents that are being worked on and also human error.

With the Document Management System (DMS) portal offered by Astragraphia Document Solution, PT Herlina Indah makes it easy for employees to flow through documents so they can cut both time and effort in offices. The DMS portal can make all types of documents both hard-copy and soft-copy simplified in the Smart Work Gateway portal. This portal is integrated into all multi-functional photocopiers from Fuji Xerox, one of which is the Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-VII C series which has been used by PT Herlina Indah.


One of the Admin and IT Trainer Staff, Indah Kemala Putri, really felt the benefits of this solution. "All important documents can be directly entered into the application (document center). That makes it really easy. Once we scan it, actually upload it directly to our application. " He also revealed that before the DMS solution from Fuji Xerox, each staff had to perform various steps manually per sheet, then sent to the company's HR and GA. With this DMS solution, every scanned file can be sent automatically to HR and GA ”.

Hanin Mustofa, as the IT Infrastructure Supervisor, also feels the time efficiency of the DMS solution that is integrated with the Fuji Xerox machine, "We feel the benefits. Work becomes faster. Previously, it took 10-12 minutes to use the manual. With this system, we can cut the time to 3-4 minutes ”.

Astragraphia Document Solution hopes to improve your work skills and office document flow. We hope to continue to innovate in services in order to make work easier and offer solutions for your company.