Print Creative Product Label Designs with Astragraphia to Attract Consumers' Hearts

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Astragraphia Document Solution, 16 October 2023 - In an increasingly competitive business world, creative product label design is a very important factor in attracting consumer attention and differentiating your product from competitors. Astragraphia, a leading company in business solutions, can be the ideal partner to help you create product label designs that attract consumers' hearts. In this article, we will discuss the importance of creative product label design and how Astragraphia can help you achieve that goal.

Why is product label design on packaging important?

Before we discuss how Astragraphia can help you with product label design, let's understand why product label design is important. Product labels are not just about providing product information, but also about creating a strong brand image and attracting consumers. Several things that must be considered in designing product labels to make them attractive are:

1. Attract Attention

Consumers often choose products based on the appearance of the label. An attractive design will make your product more easily recognized and attract consumers' attention on store shelves.

2. Creating Brand Identity

Product label design is an integral part of your brand identity. This helps create a consistent and recognizable brand image among consumers.

3. Communicate Product Value

Labels also serve to communicate product values, nutritional information, usage guidelines, and more. Effective design will make the information easy for consumers to understand.

4. Encourage Purchase Decisions

Good product label design can encourage consumers to choose your product among the many options available.

Why Choose Astragraphia?

Finding inspiration for your business label design is never easy. Astragraphia Document Solution will help you find inspiration and tips for creating creative product label designs that captivate consumers. As a company that has extensive experience in product label design, Astragraphia of course offers various services that can help you create creative and attractive product label designs, including:

1. Professional Team

Astragraphia has a team of professional designers, Graphic Communication Business Development Designers, who will share tips with you for developing product label designs that suit your brand vision and values.

2. Advanced Printing Technology

They use the latest technology in the design process, including digital and offset printing to produce high quality labels. These bottle stickers are printed using the Revoria Press SC180. Fujifilm Revoria Press™ SC180 can print on paper measuring up to 330 x 1200 mm with a thickness of up to 400 gsm. Fujifilm Revoria Press™ SC180 has User Image Color Matching (UICM) technology to get perfect document color results without the need for resetting. To perfect the appearance, this sticker is finished with a Graphtec FMARK 2 CE7000 machine. Graphtec FMARK2 CE7000 can cut accurately thanks to the Detecting Crop Mark feature. Attractive prints and unique cutting patterns can increase the attractiveness and marketability of the product.

3. Quality Material Choices

Astragraphia provides a variety of high-quality material choices, including paper labels, plastic and various laminates which can increase label durability.

4. Personalization and Customization

They can design product labels according to your needs and preferences, including size, shape, and color.

5. Design Consultation

Astragraphia will not only print your labels, but also provide advice and guidance in the design process, helping you create effective product labels.

With the help of Astragraphia, you can be sure that your MSME product label design will be attractive to consumers, helping you win the competition in a competitive market. Creative product label design is the key to captivating consumers and differentiating your product from competitors. Astragraphia is the ideal partner in creating attractive and high-quality product label designs. With their extensive experience, professional design team, and leading technology, you can be sure that your products will compete favorably in the market. So, don't hesitate to work with Astragraphia in your journey to create product label designs that captivate consumers.


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