Jadikan Paperless Fax Delivery Sebagai Solusi Pertukaran Dokumen Perusahaan Anda yang Efisien. Bisa!

Paperless fax delivery

Astragraphia Document Solution – Transforming the work environment into something faster more efficient and connected with digital technology is not something strange now. The development of these trends facilitates various aspects of business, including communication and document exchange. It's natural, that we need to interact with anyone without needing to take into account distance and costs, these technology products do have quite a large potential to boost sales figures.
As the need for efficiency and sustainability increases, conventional faxing is gaining increasing attention as an environmentally friendly and practical alternative. It is not surprising that conventional fax sending is still considered very manual, time-consuming, risks losing documents, and difficult to track.

Paperless fax delivery

If your company has branch offices and sites and still relies on a communication network via fax, are you curious about the following Paperless Fax Delivery solution from Astragraphia? Let's just look at it together, come on, the explanation!

Paperless Fax Delivery: Changing the Way Documents Are Exchanged
In contrast to conventional faxes which only provide a distraction, this media can provide quite big benefits for a business if used well, you know!

Paperless fax delivery

Paperless Fax Delivery is a solution for sending and receiving faxes digitally using a FUJIFILM printer machine. The advantage of this feature is to schedule sending fax files to a specific PC or server. So, users can set the time and date when the fax will be sent automatically. Apart from that, this solution is equipped with a fax file sorting feature that is received by the printer machine from FUJIFILM. When a fax file is received, the system will automatically group or sort the fax file into certain folders. Sorting can be done based on certain criteria, such as the date the fax was received or the sender identification number (Sender G3 ID).

With such capabilities, it's not surprising, right, that Paperless Fax Delivery can provide various conveniences. The question is, if it is really used well, how big will the benefits be for business? There are at least three benefits that will definitely make your business progress and develop, you know!

Instead of taking too long, let's just review them one by one, come on!

1. Efficiency

The process of sending and receiving documents becomes efficient. Apart from that, we don't need to invest in software or server investment.

2. Fast

The process for searching for fax files is faster and easier because fax files are sorted automatically according to the sender number. Your company can respond to clients and customers faster, just by using web-enabled devices alone.

3. Environmentally Friendly

You can also reduce waste by using only the resources you need—and not using others. Reducing carbon paper usage isn't just a matter of convenience—although this is certainly important for your work environment and surroundings.

Key Features of Paperless Fax Delivery

In today's digital era, paperless fax has become one of the main features that facilitates efficient and environmentally friendly business communications. With its ability to send and receive documents electronically, it is only natural that paperless fax makes it easy for companies to abandon their dependence on paper and provide a more modern approach to exchanging information. Below are some of the main features of Paperless Fax:

Indexing By G3 ID, users can sort incoming faxes based on the sender number.
Auto Sorting by Date, sorting can be done based on time.
Sorting by Folder, users can create a folder system for fax documents that have been sorted.
Auto Scheduler, sending faxes from machine to PC/Folder can be scheduled.
OCR, users can sort the received fax files and search for the text content contained in them.
Astragraphia as a company operating in the field of Printing Solutions, Technology and Digital Transformation Services as well as the Exclusive Distributor of FUJIFILM Business Innovation in Indonesia, is ready to support your business processes. Contact Halo Astragraphia at 1500-345 or the nearest Astragraphia Business Consultant Team in your area to learn more about Paperless Fax Delivery and how this solution can help your company improve performance and efficiency.


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