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Astragraphia Document Solution - Often feel annoyed, work is hampered, so often overtime due to inadequate document management? If so, then now is the time for you to start trying to use document solutions specifically designed to meet today's work needs that are faster, safer, and more reliable.

Common Document Management Issues

Even though we have entered the digital transformation era in the last few years, poor document management is still a classic problem that often occurs. This does not only occur in documents in physical form, but also in digital form.

The following are some common problems that are commonly encountered when managing documents, including:

1. Lost or Lost Documents

This is usually caused by human error or human error. Most human errors occur during the document management process which is still carried out conventionally. Physical documents are often lost or tucked away in piles—even at risk of damage such as being torn, stained and covering the information in them, and so on. Even so, documents that are managed digitally also have the potential to be lost or misplaced. This often happens if classification and discipline are not carried out from the start.

2. Unreadable Documents

Even documents printed out by printers, scans or faxes may not produce good quality so that information cannot be read properly. This will usually be more problematic if several digitization processes are needed, such as photocopies that are re-photocopied, then scanned. If you have this, you have to work repeatedly. Workflow can also be disrupted and have an impact on efficiency and productivity.

3. Old Management Process

This problem is especially felt if you manage documents in conventional manual ways. For example, looking for a document in various piles of files (especially old documents with unmanaged storage), delivering documents to other parties, and so on. Methods like this are no longer efficient enough and will hinder workflow. In the digital transformation era with various technological supports and demands for faster and more precise work, document management in the old way is no longer relevant.

Get to know Document Solutions from Astragraphia

Automation is one of the most appropriate solutions for more tactical and practical document management solutions. With the help of reliable technology, various manual jobs can be performed by the system more quickly and minimize human error.

Several digital document automation solutions also suit the needs of work in the new normal which minimize physical contact or individual dense environments. You can control the system remotely more comfortably and safely. Astragraphia Document Solution provides several document solutions that are right for this need, including the following.

Digital Form Processing Solutions

Digital Form Processing Solution makes digital document processing happen faster and easier. Documents will also be automatically saved to the storage space that has been determined automatically. This solution also allows you to modify and improve poor quality documents. Even if it is necessary to name directly on the document being processed, Digital Form Processing can fulfill it.

Data Capture Solutions

As the name suggests, this solution functions to collect relevant information sourced from physical and digital documents. With the support of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, the system will help you read, edit and process documents as needed.

Data Capture Solution has three main processes, which are as follows.

1. Digitize / Capture, which is when the system scans documents

2. Transform / Process, namely when the system reads the scan information that was carried out

3. Connect, namely forwarding documents to the specified document portal, email, or working folder

Managing documents in the new normal and all-digital world now must be done effectively and efficiently. That way, you and your team can allocate resources—including energy and time—better for strategic matters that support business growth. If you want to know more about the document solutions from Astragraphia above, please contact the Astragraphia Business Consultant Team or Halo Astragraphia every Monday - Friday at 07.00 - 18.00 WIB.


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