iCare Application, After-Sales Service for Escalation of Printer Machines and Multifunction Printers from Astagraphia


Astragraphia Document Solution - The high demand for printing and digital services has made Astragraphia continue to innovate. One form of Astragraphia's innovation is by presenting a web-based after-sales service for escalating printer services for its customers throughout Indonesia to make it faster. This service can be accessed by customers who use Astagraphia's product called iCare. What is a web-based iCare that can be accessed anytime and anywhere by customers to submit service requests, facilitate escalation of problem resolution, simplify administrative processes, and monitor the progress of service requests. from Astagraphia? What are the main features and advantages? How to use the app? Come on, see the review!

Key Features of iCare

Experiencing problems when using printers and multifunction printers from Astragraphia? No need to worry. iCare is a web-based application for customers to submit service requests more quickly. This application can be used if you want to escalate related products from Astragraphia. The iCare web-based application is equipped with four main features. Check out its features as follows:

1.Breakfix feature

The first feature is Breakfix. This Breakfix feature is a customer service feature for printer repair and servicing. If there are problems with the printer machine, such as wrinkled output, paper jam, or blank screen, you can request repairs via this feature anywhere and anytime.

2. Supplies feature

Need consumables or spare parts for servicing printers or Astagraphia products? You can take advantage of the Supplies feature in the iCare application. As the name suggests, this Supplies feature accommodates requests from customers for spare parts or supplies for Astagraphia. So, you don't need to be confused looking for spare parts or supplies for your printer machine. Just make a request through the Supplies feature, you will get everything you need.

3. Install feature

The next main feature of iCare Astagraphia is the Install feature. The Install feature is a printer service feature for customers who want to make printer machine configuration settings, such as installing printer drivers, scan settings, and authentication settings. All you have to do is make a request via the Install feature, the configuration setting process on the printer machine is complete. Pretty easy, right?.

4. Collect Meter feature

This last feature is useful for services related to requests for billing meter information on the machine for billing.

iCare advantages

Web-based application, iCare has various advantages. The following are some of the advantages of this application developed by Astagraphia:

1. Practical

The iCare application is designed to provide convenience to Astagraphia customers. You don't need to bother looking for a place to service the printer. All printer machine services or Astagraphia products are available in one iCare application.

2. Easy and Fast

What makes the iCare application stay relevant is that it is easy and fast to use. Customers can make service requests related to printer servicing. Call it the service for replacing parts and consumables, machine repairs, or requests for printer machine configuration settings. Everything can be done through iCare.

3. Simple and Easy to Monitor

Another advantage of the iCare Application is that you can do monitoring anywhere and anytime. When making a printer service request, you can check the status in real-time from a mobile device.


4. Widely Acceptable Access

The iCare application also has a wide range of access. This application can be accessed via the web (www.icare.documentsolution.com) and accessed via mobile devices, tablets and laptops using Astragraphia products throughout Indonesia.

Instructions for Using iCare

As explained above, one of the advantages of the iCare application lies in its practicality and convenience. If you want to use the application for service request escalation services from Astagraphia, follow the instructions as follows:

1. Customers can directly access https://icare.documentsolution.com from PC/Notebook Windows/Mac, Android/iPhone mobile and tablets.

2. Update customer information via unique QR Sticker. So that it makes it easy for customers to make requests for services, supplies to Astragraphia (email, phone, iCare) and find information related to the products they have (Drivers, Documentation, Utilities, and others) according to the EQ machine serial number owned by the customer.

3. Customers can submit data, then wait for approval and activation from the Astragraphia team which will be sent via notification on your verified email.

4. Customers are ready to use their email and password during registration, to be used as logins to the iCare application.

5. For a complete guide, see the following link: http://tiny.cc/iCareGuide.

Thus, an explanation of the iCare application, its features, advantages, and instructions on how to use it. This application from Astragraphia is a form of after-sales service not only for printer servicing, spare parts requests, but also machine configuration settings. So, take advantage of the after-sales service from Astragraphia for the smooth running of your business by installing the iCare application. To find out more about iCare, contact Halo Astragraphia at 1500-345 every Monday - Friday 08.00 - 18.00 WIB!

Source: ofiskita.com


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