Understand First About Safe Label Stickers for Food Products

Label Sticker

Astragraphia Document Solution - In every packaging for finished food products such as: drinking bottles (glass/plastic), food packaging for snacks, tea, and coffee that we find both in minimarkets or the market, there is already a food label. Food label stickers are very important in a product, especially finished food products. To find information on a product, consumers will immediately see the label printed on the packaging. Meanwhile, to provide information about the contents of a product, manufacturers will include a label on each food package.

Thus, as consumers, we will feel much safer when consuming or using a food product. This label is as important as the packaging on food products as a "protector" of products and consumers. Packaging will protect a product from damage and the label will protect consumers from the bad possibilities that can arise due to consumption or use of the product.

It cannot be done carelessly, consumers are expected to get a clear picture of the procedure for use, composition, and side effects of a product listed on the packaging. For this reason, the design of food product labels must meet safety standards as regulated in the Law on Food No. 7 of 1996. Not only is a quality label design necessary, here are some points that must also be included on the food label sticker:

1. Product Name

Not only is it interesting, but a product also will not look perfect without a product name. For this reason, the name of the product itself consists of the name of the type of processed food and the trade name.

2. List of Materials Used

We must list the ingredients used to make the product. The materials that need to be listed are raw materials, food added materials, and also supporting materials.

3. Net Weight

The net weight that must be stated on the product packaging is information regarding the amount contained in one package or container in metric units. Writing net weight also has rules. Especially for solid products, it uses milligrams, grams, and kilograms, while for liquid products it uses milliliter and liter units.

4. Name and Address of Production Party

It is very important to include the name and address of the producer on the product packaging. This also applies to imported products.

5. Halal for the Required

If you want to distribute food products in Indonesia, it is imperative to include the halal logo. But this is after getting a halal certificate from the MUI, of course.

6. Production Date and Code

It is important to include the date and production code on each packaging label. Usually, these two pieces of information are listed separately, with a description, of course.

7. Expiration Information

This is no less important than other information, namely expired information. You must include the expiration date of the product that will be circulated on the packaging label. Usually, this information is completed with the words "Well used before".

8. Distribution Permit Number

The inclusion of the distribution permit number on the packaging label must comply with the distribution permit registration. If the distribution permit is in the form of a P-IRT number, then what is written on the label must also be the P-IRT number.

9. Origin of Food Ingredients

There are two types of information regarding the ninth point on the packaging label, namely materials sourced from animals or plants and food produced through certain processes.

Label Sticker

So, those are some guidelines from Astragraphia Document Solution that we must understand first before getting creative on how to create a packaging label sticker output that is safe for food products. If you are interested in printing labels/packaging in a limited number, this could be a production printer machine from Astragraphia, the answer, you can start using the Primelink C9065 Printer type for print-on-demand creations that are perfect for your business to the Fuji Xerox Iridesse Production Press machine with the advantages of CMYK special color ink combined with Gold, Silver, White, Clear and Pink which make your packaging label printing application look premium and more impressive.

If you want more information regarding the design process or printing technology for safe label stickers, please see the following link: https://documentsolution.com/products?c=production-printers-digital-presses

You can also contact the Business Consultant - Production Team from Astragraphia or to Halo Astragraphia at 1500-345 every Monday - Friday (07.00 - 18.00 WIB).


  • Documentation from Astragraphia Document Solution
  • Adapted and adapted from:  http://frans.id/blog/fungsi-penting-label-makanan-dalam-ketakan-produk. Retrieved: March 10, 2021


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