New Era: Serverless Computing Supports Modern Working Styles




Astragraphia Document Solution – Digital transformation brings a new era where society and the economy depend on digital services. The technology that supports ways of working continues to evolve, with Work from Anywhere (WFA) a popular working model. The WFA trend is growing rapidly in Indonesia, relying on virtualization and cloud computing as the main pillars. This shows Indonesia's readiness to enter the digital era with innovative technology and work models. Changes in work styles are driven by the adoption of new technologies by employees and consumers. For example, the use of a cloud system requires education for employees for optimization.

Based on a study from Telstra, it was found that 61% of businesses want to enter new markets but are hampered by rigid technology and network platforms. Traditional on-premises servers cannot keep up with the latest technological developments quickly and can hinder business growth. Cloud computing offers a more flexible and scalable solution. With the cloud, businesses can get some benefits to the way we work, including:

• Access the latest technology easily and quickly.

• Adapt their IT infrastructure to changing needs.

• Save costs and increase efficiency.

• Fast and effective

• Safe and reliable

• Environmental sustainability

Are you ready to enter the era of serverless computing?

Astragraphia Document Solution will share several tips to help you:

1. Search for Information

Many online resources are waiting to help you understand serverless computing. Learn the basic concepts, benefits, and how it works to build a solid foundation.

2. Evaluate Your Business Needs

Take some time to reflect on your application needs. How can serverless computing help achieve your goals? Consider factors such as scalability, cost, and complexity.

3. Choose the Right Cloud Service Provider

Choose a cloud service provider that offers serverless solutions that suit your needs. Compare features, prices, and available support to find the best partner. Astragraphia has solutions and services that can meet your company's needs.

The Future of Serverless Computing

1. Security and Compliance

Increased focus on data security and privacy, including data encryption, access control, and regulatory compliance.

2. Global availability and scalability

Expansion of serverless infrastructure to more regions and increased scalability to meet global demand.

services such as AI, ML, and IoT to build more complex and advanced applications.

3. Cost management and optimization

Improved tools and techniques to help developers manage costs and optimize resource use.

4. Serverless platform without servers

The emergence of serverless platforms allows developers to run code without needing to manage any infrastructure at all.

So, is your business ready to switch to the serverless framework trend?




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