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Astragraphia Document Solution - The ongoing debate about whether hybrid work arrangements will still exist during 2022. People have become accustomed to working from anywhere and this marks a change in the company's workflow and employee work styles.

Based on data from a BBC article, on remote work shared the findings of a Chartered Institute of Management survey in which more than 80% of companies surveyed have adopted a hybrid work arrangement. This strongly suggests a more permanent shift towards a new work arrangement.

This shift will require concrete infrastructure to support workplace mobility rather than temporary solutions to address business. Astragraphia supports the digital way of working by preparing customers to face the changes that lie ahead with innovative products and advanced features that offer a better work experience.

Designed to improve user experience and make printing more mobile, find out how the latest series of printers and the latest multifunction printers, The New Fujifilm ApeosPort and ApeosPort Print (*) and The New Fujifilm Apeos and Apeos Print (**) from Astragraphia can support businesses that want to stay ahead by increasing mobility in the workplace.

Versatile Printing and Scanning Solutions You Can Count On

USB thumb drives are small enough to fit in your pocket and are a reliable way to make sure the files you need to print are always with you. It's also a handy travel size device to take with you when you do your research. Our ApeosPort printer allows you to easily save scanned data directly to your USB memory device, no PC required. Now you can scan as many documents as you want from central databases and retrieve all that information whenever and wherever you want it. Working anywhere has its perks, but unlike your office desk, if you forget something like your USB device, you're in a bind. Good thing we included Mobile Print and WI-FI Direct features just in case.

Use Your Smartphone for Quick and Easy Printing

With remote work arrangements, staying connected is of paramount importance. Unlike USB devices, nowadays it doesn't seem easy for someone not to use a smartphone. As a result, we have added a Mobile Print feature that allows users to easily print documents from their smartphone. Compatible with Android or iOS devices, with support for mobile connectivity get your smartphone connected in minutes to your printer.

Mobile Print with WI-FI Direct

Wi-Fi Direct connection offers great flexibility. Printer drivers and Wi-Fi routers can be a pain for some users especially if you have an urgent and work deadline that can't wait. That's why the new The New Fujifilm ApeosPort and ApeosPort Print(*) and The New Fujifilm Apeos and Apeos Print(**) series have covered all the bases with Wi-Fi Direct. This allows you to easily connect your device to a multifunction printer. Take your work on the go and rest easy knowing that if the need arises to print, this printer has your back.

Astragraphia is ready to help businesses stay dynamic by strengthening their workspaces with innovative printing products and office management solutions. Find out more about the latest products that can increase your workplace mobility, The New Fujifilm ApeosPort and ApeosPort Print (*) and The New Fujifilm Apeos and Apeos Print (**) by calling Halo Astragraphia 1500345 every Monday - Friday 07.00 - 18.00 WIB for further information.

*Apeosport & Apeosport Print Printer Series: Apeosport C3830SD, Apeosport Print C3830SD, Apeosport C3320SD, Apeosport Print C3320SD, Apeosport C2410SD, Apeosport Print C2410SD, Apeosport 4020SD, APEOSPORT PRINT 4020SD, APEOSPORT 3410SD, APEOSPORT PRINCORT Apeos 6340, ApeosPort Print 6340

**Apeos & Apeos Print printer series: Apeos C2060, Apeos C2560, Apeos C3060, Apeos 2560, Apeos 3060, Apeos 3560, Apeos 4570, Apeos 5570, ApeosPrint C5570, Apeos C5240, ApeosPrint C5240, Apeos 6340, ApeosPrint


‚óŹ Adapted and practiced from the FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore article -


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