How to Improve Digital Workflows for the New Future of Work


Future of Work

Astragraphia Document Solution – The new digital working era has arrived. All aspects of life are gradually recovering, and pandemic conditions have begun to transition to the endemic stage. These changes have a significant impact on all existing businesses and are expected to have a long-term impact, including in the workplace.

Most businesses have adapted to a new working style that combines remote work with in-office work (hybrid). According to G2's State of Software Happiness Report 2019, 95 percent of employees agree or strongly agree that switching to software technology can make them more productive working from anywhere.

As a result, businesses must learn how to implement and leverage digital document and workflow management technologies in order to enable their workforce to work productively from anywhere. With so much data and documentation generated every day, cross-functional management teams must prioritize the implementation of new document management tools and strategies to better support employees who work remotely.


Here are the main factors to consider when selecting the best document solution for your company:

1. Consider an Integrated Solution.

Adopting a new digital workflow should, ideally, not complicate your business or destroy your existing traditional systems. All that remains is to implement and integrate the solution with the platform.

DocuWorks, for example, integrates seamlessly with third-party tools such as DocuSign, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and others. Your DocuWorks application can be linked to your FUJIFILM Business Innovation multifunction printer machine, allowing you to digitally organize and distribute your documents. As a result, even if your team is split up, document distribution becomes a breeze.

2. Make mobile communication a top priority.

Working remotely, both in the office and at home, will become the norm. This can occur between highly flexible departments, such as a sales team, where working permanently from a desk is impossible.

As a result, the management team should make certain to select a solution that is portable and accessible, particularly from your employees' smartphones or tablets. DocuWorks has iOS and Android apps that allow teams to receive, send, and edit documents – all they need is a functional network connection. This will result in faster turnaround times and increased customer satisfaction.

3. Minimize Human Error

Manual data processing is not only difficult and time-consuming, but it is also prone to human error. Working in a dispersed work environment makes it more difficult to detect errors. Your employees will benefit from a digital document solution that accurately and quickly detects and extracts data.

DocuWorks will allow you to mark specific areas of a document and associate them with specific document property fields, allowing data to be extracted automatically and seamlessly transferred to online databases.

You don't have to worry about your valuable business data being vulnerable to hackers in the system. DocuWorks offers a variety of document security functions. Apart from allowing you to create the password protection, it also comes with a robust set of security tasks that safeguard your document's fonts, settings, and layout. Teams can easily apply these shared settings to documents to reduce any compliance risk. To create a digital ecosystem in your work environment, of course, requires a process that is not short and requires coordination from top to bottom.

After getting an explanation from the article above, Astragraphia Document Solution invites you to fill out the survey link "More Than Just Your Business Potential" and find out alternative document solutions that are right for your work environment to achieve a much better Future of Work.



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