Get to know DocuShare, the Best Document Solution to Increase Your Work Productivity

Docushare 7.0

Astragraphia Document Solution – The digital transformation trend that occurs in the work environment is increasingly massive. Changes in the work environment, now companies in Indonesia are adapting from manual document management to increasing workflow automation so that work productivity is more efficient, integrated, and safe. Seeing the above conditions, Astragraphia Document Solution introduced a document solution, Docushare 7.0, which makes document management in the office easier and faster.

Get to know Docushare 7.0

DocuShare 7.0 is a document management solution and web-based utility software that aims to make the most of information assets across departments and sections of the company. DocuShare 7.0 can help transform the way your company operates, accelerate business processes, empower employees, and enable you to collaborate effectively with customers.

Companies must provide employees with a flexible and creative workflow experience. One way is to empower all existing employees and technology so they can have access to the right information at the right time. All this you can do using DocuShare 7.0.

What are the features in Docushare 7.0?

There are several superior features of DocuShare 7.0, including:

• Access content and documents anytime and anywhere. With a mobile-friendly interface and responsive interface, you and all your employees can access content from your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone anytime, anywhere you need it.

• User friendly and customizable to your needs. DocuShare 7.0 is equipped with a content drag and drop feature so that the distribution and uploading of documents are faster. You can also customize according to the company's image or brand.

• Document security is maintained. Existing content is protected with access permissions, encryption, and company data or documents. This ensures that all uploaded data can only be used by companies and authorized employees.

Pros of DocuShare 7.0

DocuShare 7.0 is a feature-rich Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution that offers the business flexibility your company needs. DocuShare 7.0 can be used directly for small business-scale Document Management Systems while being customized to suit specific business processes and workflows.

Some of the advantages possessed by DocuShare 7.0 include:

1. Enables a more efficient document management process even though there are various types and sources of data.

2. Easy content transition between physical and digital workplaces, from desktop or mobile platforms as needed.

3. Supports a fast and convenient workflow for companies

4. Make it easier for you to manage content security, share control while encouraging better team collaboration.

To find out more about document solutions from DocuShare 7.0, you can easily consult the Astragraphia Business Consultant Team or call Halo Astragraphia at 1500-345 every Monday – Friday at 07.00 – 17.00 WIB.


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