Astragraphia Presents Creative Ideas for Bridesmaid Kits

Creative bridesmaid kit ideas

Astragraphia Document Solution, 11 September 2023 - The day of the wedding is a joyful and hopeful occasion. Making the necessary arrangements for a wedding is crucial for engaged couples. Choosing the bridesmaid or bridesmaids who will accompany the bride is one of the most crucial components of a wedding. Bridesmaids are very important at weddings, and they also help to make wonderful memories. Therefore, it is appropriate to give bridesmaids extra attention.

It is usual for bridesmaids to be busy preparing for the future bride as the wedding draws near. Small elements like dress details or accessories might occasionally be overlooked. Giving a bridesmaid kit that is specifically tailored to the theme of your bridal party will help you make this occasion even more special. Because of this, Astragraphia Document Solution will provide advice on how to come up with concepts for unique bridesmaid kits.

Bridesmaid Kit Trends

Astragraphia as the Leading Digital Workspace and Graphic Communication Partner in Indonesia. Certainly, they have experience in printing technology, so they can present high quality products, including unique and personalized Bridesmaid Kits.

In creating a special Bridesmaid Kit and adapting it to your desired design, Astragraphia introduces the Fujifilm ApeosPro C650. Here are some creative ideas that you can create.

1. Souvenir Card

Print exclusive hamper cards for bridesmaids with group photos, special messages and wedding event details. This card can be a special keepsake.

2. Cloth bags with logos and initials

Give beautiful cloth bags personalized with each bridesmaid's initials. This bag can be used to carry personal equipment on your wedding day.

3. Stickers

Print stickers with your wedding logo or custom slogan, which can be used on a variety of items such as invitations, gift boxes or even drink glasses.

4. Photobooks

Take a mini photo book containing memories with your bridesmaid. Fill the book with photos and stories about wedding preparations, special moments, and hopes for the future.

5. Custom Calendar

Create a custom calendar with your wedding date marked and beautiful photos from your travels with your bridesmaids.

Watch the Astragraphia Document Solution Tutorial Video

Astragraphia Document Solution provides video tutorials that help you understand how to print beautiful and unique Bridesmaid Kit items with their production printer machines. In this video, you will get practical tips and guidance for creating an unforgettable Bridesmaid Kit. No more small details are overlooked. You can create an unforgettable Bridesmaid Kit and give appreciation to your bridesmaids.


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