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Astragraphia in Collaboration with SOS Children's Villages Indonesia and Bappenas Present the Workbook 2 Program in Indonesian Border Areas

The Workbook 2 social program held by Astragraphia in collaboration with SOS Children's Villages Indonesia and Bappenas on manifesting towards Indonesian children's education to be more advanced, especially in border areas

The ‘Workbook’ 2 program is one of the 4 Pillars of Astra's CSR, which is Social Development and Community Education. All material contained in the books that have distributed in the ‘Workbook’ 2 program was developed by SOS Children’s Villages Indonesia as an international partner where the material is already adapted to the learning needs of early childhood in order to prepare them for entering elementary school.

Astragraphia Document Solution Fully Support “Klinik Ngulik Zine”

Have you ever heard the word Zine? in general, Zine stands for fanzine or magazine, is an alternative print media which is usually published in a personal or small group and multiplied by photocopying.

24 August 2018 innovation events

Support Young Photographer, Astragraphia Provides the Best Quality Print for “Bilik Mata” Catalog Books

Astragraphia Document Solution is the exclusive distributor of Fuji Xerox in Indonesia. Astragraphia Document Solution is behind a student photography activity and fully supports the event through its reliable printing services and solutions, thus reinforcing the role of Astragraphia as a company that supports a creativity and innovation of youth.

06 August 2018 news-releases others events

Astragraphia Document Solution Launches Monochrome and Colour Printer

Astragraphia Document Solution launches color printer Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CP505 d and monochrome printer DocuPrint P505 d, DocuPrint P285 dw, and DocuPrint M285 z in Indonesia.