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25 November 2020

Astragraphia Webinar: Creative and Productive Tips Printing Business in the New Normal Era

Astragraphia Document Solution wants to lead as the preferred partner for all its consumers. This time, the Astragraphia webinar with the title "New Normal in Business Printing" was presented again, which was held on Thursday, November 12, 2020, through the ZOOM application. Together with Dhika Yasadenata and Jella Aditya as Business Consultants from Astragraphia Semarang Branch, this webinar wants to instill thoughts and hopes that the printing business is a creative business and can adapt to survive the new normal times of the COVID-19 pandemic.


02 November 2020

Astragraphia Introduces DocuSign to Address the Need for Digital Signatures in Indonesia

DocuSign E-Signature is a feature of the Electronic Signature (TTE) service solution in Indonesia from Astragraphia Document Solution which has a certified advantage, provides ease of transactions, and is supported by a high level of security

27 October 2020

Astragraphia Webinar: Smart Work for Tax Institution

The complexity of the flow of documents in a company, especially a state company such as the Tax Institutions, of course, requires an integrated system that is safe, good, and as efficient as possible.

24 October 2020

Book Review "Layout 2020" with Astragragraphia and the Indonesian Administration Foundation Campus (YAI)

Books are a medium that can be a bridge to gain insight, knowledge and encourage creativity. The rapid advancement of technology and digital transformation today is enough to spoil the younger generation and graphic designers with the ease in accessing all the information they want.

12 October 2020

Increasingly Sophisticated, ARTIC 2.0 Becomes a Choice of Practical Office Financial Management Solutions

Astragraphia Document Solution wants to offer customers, especially office companies, an ease in managing corporate finances that can be accessed in the palm of their hands, anytime and anywhere.

28 September 2020

Storytelling and Sharing Perspectives on Mental Health, Astragraphia Sponsors the Printing of Whiteboard Journal Books: Open Column 2

For young people and the graphic designer community, hearing the word Whiteboard Journal is certainly familiar. Present first through the online website and then penetrated into social media channels, namely the Instagram account @whiteboardjournal.