Mailroom Services

The mail room is often the last area companies inspect to improve their efficiency and find cost savings. Mail and distribution operations seldom receive critical attention, yet can routinely provide noticeable improvements in productivity. Recently mailrooms have experienced resurgence with the advent of online transactions and improving your mailroom may help your business and your employee engagement.


Many businesses find it difficult to uncover and control costs associated with their mail and distribution services, including faxing, packaging, couriers and express post. The distribution of mail and other communications often consumes inordinate amounts of time for staff, and distracts them from their core duties.

Poor mailroom practices also have detrimental impacts on communications with clients and suppliers, and in worst case scenarios, can lose communications or products.

Determining the best methods to distribute incoming mail, package products and send outgoing mail is time consuming, and requires expertise that often does not reside in the company.

Our Solution

Pt Astra Graphia Tbk has experience measuring and analyzing mailroom activities, and devising solutions that can both improve operations and cut costs associated with mail and distribution. By assessing your current operations, we can identify areas where you can cut costs, and make recommendations on how to get your mail flowing smoothly through improvements in handling, storage and distribution.

Using leading technologies, our teams can find more efficient and faster ways to handle your mail for improved productivity. We have access to specialized equipment that can handle large volumes of mail and manage complex mail distribution. These technologies can not only streamline your mailing processes but reduce staff requirements and find savings in your regular mail operations.

Onsite Document Advisors can co-ordinate and direct the deployment and administration of the appropriate mail solution for your business, and provide ongoing expertise and the best tools to minimize your spend.


By analyzing your mailroom and recommending more efficient methods to run it, PT Astra graphia Tbk can:

  • Find savings in its regular operations;
  • Assist you with the latest technology to speed up your mail delivery internally and externally, saving more money and improving client and supplier relationships;
  • Free up your own staff and reduce your labor costs;
  • Ensure that you will have accurate records of all mail movements in and out of your business, especially for important documents and parcels;
  • Measure and report mailroom performance to you regularly, so you have our assurance that your mail is on time, every time.


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