In the future, Digital Print Business is Very Promising in Batam, Riau

Image - Bp. Lolek

Starting from screen printing and offset printing then developed into digital printing. Clearly stated, Lolek and Marlina, the owners of Khiant Sukses, told the printshop editorial team. "In addition to the printing business, we also have other businesses that are engaged in stationery and paper supply," he added.

Economic conditions are one of the biggest factors affecting the condition of the print business in Batam. As in the last two years, many companies and investors have gone bankrupt and moved to regions and even other countries. This also caused the printing trend to broadly decline. But while the offset printing trend is declining, the digital printing trend has increased even though slowly but continues to promise. This shows the transition from offset printing to digital printing, in the future, I am quite optimistic that the digital print business in Batam can continue to grow.

The printing industry will continue to grow positively in the future. Moreover, there is a shift in the needs of our customers regarding printing operations, many of which are massive according to their needs. Besides being based on needs, today's digital printing machine technology is far more sophisticated and easier to use for printing owners. It needs to be recognized that the digital printing industry has its own market.

Some time ago, Printshop Khiant Sukses was visited by Batam State Polytechnic students and Batam local media crews. They were able to see the digital printing machines that were there and print a demo on the Fuji Xerox Iridesse machine.

During the visit which attended by a number of students and media partners, Teddy and Ghandur, as the representatives of Astragraphia Document Solution, introduced the Fuji Xerox Iridesse Production Press, the first six-color single pass digital printing machine in Indonesia.

As a printing company, Khiant Sukses has a Vision and Mission To be the leading and largest in the printing business in Batam, to expand branches so that it can continue to grow, and follow the current trends with the latest machine updates.

When asked, since when did you know Fuji Xerox and why chose Fuji Xerox Iridesse, they answered:"As long as I use Fuji Xerox machines from now until now, the service of Astragraphia is undoubted, Astragraphia's best after sales services, with all the needs of machines such as spare parts and toner, provided by Astragraphia, we can focus more on running our business. This feeling of security and comfort is the reason for us to choose Fuji Xerox machines again like yesterday we bought the latest Fuji Xerox Iridesse".

The durability of Fuji Xerox engines is far more reliable than other brands. Because it is made in Japan, and is directly handled by a team with good support. The print quality is also very good compared to other products. Print results are consistent and smooth.

"The advantage of this machine lies in the toner. In addition to 4 common colors, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, Fuji Xerox Iridesse is equipped with 2 additional colors with a choice of Gold, Silver, White and Clear color combinations. This Iridesse machine is intended for various types of paper and semi-plastic materials, and is even able to print 1.2 m long paper without a connection, and is usually used for A3 brochures in three folds without obvious connection Teddy.


Source: Printpack