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Scan to Email

Unstructured document management is undeniably the biggest challenge for companies, especially in the current digitalization era. The naming of files that are not clear and the position of the document that is reversed often forces us to fix the document manually. Though the process should have been done automatically so as to alleviate the work involved with print needs. Especially in the era of digitalization now, where all the work of printing needs can be completed more practically and quickly through technical assistance.

Scan to Email Supporting Features

Now let's look at people's habits of scanning data. Let's just say there are five different types of documents that you will scan, ranging from the need to print a statement, invoice, to PO. During the process of scanning and storing on a computer, you definitely have to name each document one by one right? Not to mention the matter of the oblique position of the document so that the scanning results were not precise. You are forced to cut/crop the document so it is more pleasing to see before sending it to the interested parties.

Such problems are indeed quite mild, but very disturbing if they continue to occur. To overcome this you need a multifunctional machine device with features related to document management solutions and of course the printing requirements. All true document management functions you can easily get through the Fuji Xerox multifunction engine that combines hardware technology with contemporary software.

Auto Scan is a feature of the Fuji Xerox engine that you need for managing the printing needs of the scan to email documents, where data from scanned documents automatically follows the email of the user who is logged in. For naming the scanned file itself you are given two (2) options namely: Auto Assign (the file name will follow the default set by the admin), or enter your own name by selecting the presets text string registered by the admin, so you don't need to type Reset the entire document name.

Not only that, if it turns out that the document you need to print is not perfectly aligned, or there is an Auto Skew feature that functions to flatten and cut the slanted part so that the scan results are in accordance with the original document. Meanwhile, for the needs of document rotation, the Auto Rotation feature will make each document in a straight position so that it is easy to read.

Here are some key features of the Fuji Xerox multifunction machine that can make your life easier, especially your printing needs.

• Auto Rotation, rotates the document upside down so that the user does not need to edit the rotation of the scanned document

• Skew Correction, to align and cut documents that are skewed so that the results match the original document

• Default Sender Address follow User Login, the sender's address will immediately adjust to the user's login email address

• Auto Switch by File Size (Email Attachment / Store & Send Link), which will automatically switch to the Store & Link feature (Link Download to MFD) if the scanned file size is above the maximum set by the admin

• Text String Presets for File Name, there is a list of presets that make it easy for users so they don't need to type the entire document name

Not only makes it easy to process the scan alone, but the above features will also speed up the processing time and also make it easier for you to search for scanned documents because the naming has been adjusted to the document presets.


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