Worry-Free! Even though you have to be WFH, Productivity is Maintained with Astragraphia's “New Workstyle” Solution

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Astragraphia Document Solution - Pandemic conditions force companies to adopt new ways of working. Based on a survey from Gartner, June 2020 regarding “9 Future of Work Trends Post Covide 19”, as many as 48% of offices said their employees were more productive, so they preferred to switch to remote-working (WFH) after the pandemic occurred and were considered more effective. Over the past seven months, we have been continuously fueled by digitalization and technology which inevitably becomes a crucial part of our activities at work. So the company must reorganize its planning, management, coordination strategy, and of course how the company must continue to create a safe, productive, and enjoyable work life.

After being quite busy attracting attention with the emergence of office clusters, the DKI Jakarta government also requires companies, especially non-essential ones, to regulate Work-from-Home policies for the majority of their employees. Health protocols for the prevention of the COVID-19 virus have continued to be carried out and tightened in all aspects, one of which is office operations. Even though at this time, several companies were allowed to operate even though in a limited number, this new way of working partly working from the office and partly working from home certainly had its own challenges when it came to synergy, collaboration, and productivity among employees. Companies must continue to adapt their methods so that employee coordination and company operational activities can continue to run effectively and optimally.

Seeing the changes that have occurred and to support this new way of working, Astragraphia Document Solution provides a variety of solution options that can make it easier for you to work from home. Productivity is maintained, there are no obstacles! Let's take a more complete look at the “New Workstyle” solution offered by Astragraphia and you can try.


1. Paperless Fax Solution

The multifunction photocopier from Fuji Xerox gives you the convenience of sending documents even when working from home. One of the existing Fax features that can be maximized when the moment requires you to work from home even wherever you are, but must send fax documents to colleagues who are in remote areas and can only be reached by telephone signals. For more details, you can listen to the following case study examples:

paperless solution

Don't worry, we have Paperless Fax, where our customers who work from home can still do their work (send & receive faxes) using the Fuji Xerox multifunction machine that is in your place - each connected to the internet connected to a VPN.

paperless solution 2

Here are the advantages of Astragraphia's Paperless Fax solution:

  • Received & Sent Fax from Anywhere - You can send and receive faxes from anywhere, just connect to the company's internal network via VPN
  • Email / PC for Destination (Max 3) - allows the Fax Recipient's destination to be forwarded to the user's email or PC, to a maximum of 3 addresses.
  • Transfer Destination Notification - the machine will send notification regarding fax documents sent to the destination.
  • Support for 3 Fax Line - This feature allows sending a fax to a specified destination from 3 different fax lines.

2. Cloud Print

The need for hard copy documents is still very much needed. Especially for documents related to approval that must use a wet signature or a stamp. If you're a WFH, you suddenly have to send a document to your boss to be signed. The Fuji Xerox multifunctional photocopier is equipped with cloud printing which can make it easier for you to send documents that need to be signed at the office, and your boss can just take the documents on their multi-functional device.

cloud print

Google Cloud Print is a free cloud printing solution that allows users to send job documents to be printed to the destination device where only an internet connection and a Google Cloud Print account are needed. The Google Cloud Print solution supports both local and internet networks so that it can be flexible to use both at home and at the office. In addition, almost all Fuji Xerox line up devices, both MFDs, and printers have this feature. Even though this Fuji Xerox multifunctional copier uses a Google Cloud Print license, don't worry, you can use it until the end of 2020.

cloud print 2

The following are the advantages of the Google Cloud Print feature:

  • Data Security - after the printing process is complete, the document will be deleted from Google servers
  • Enterprise Platform - allows printing from multiple platforms (SmartPhone, Tablet & PC).
  • Support Sharing between User / Group - allows printers / MFDs to be accessed by various users who have been given access by the admin.
  • Chromebook Support - supports printing from Google Chrome OS (Chromebook) 3.E-Signature

DocuWorks Electronic Signature makes it easy for you to add a digital signature to documents. Verify whether the signature is original or not, or can also see if there is a revision of the document that was digitally signed. Here's an example of a case study:


The following is a simulation of using E-Signature at the Ministry of Finance in a company:

Procurement staff make Purchase Request (PR) documents to relevant vendors so that delivery of goods can be made as soon as this pandemic ends. This document requires approval from the Finance Manager. However, because the company is implementing WFH, the signature cannot be done directly. Procurement staff decided to request a digital signature.

e-signature 2

4. Home Printing

The multifunction printer machine and the Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 115 Series printer are designed to meet the needs of home printing with low power consumption and quality equivalent to office machines. In addition, it is supported by the Mobile Print and Wi-Fi Ready features which make printing activities easier and can be done anywhere as needed.

home printing

Here are the benefits provided by Astragraphia's Home Printing solution:

  • High Quality 1200 dpi Printing Resolution - printing quality equivalent to an office MFD machine so that the print results can be used for office document needs.
  • Low Wattage - maximum power consumption of 400 W for the Mono engine and 800 W for color so that it can be used in homes, especially for WFH employees.
  • Wireless & Mobile Support - enables printing anywhere wirelessly and mobile.

5. Touchless Printing
This Touchless Printing technology allows you to do work on the Fuji Xerox multifunction device directly from your smartphone, either to navigate the menu copy, scan, fax or you can print and scan directly to your smartphone so you don't need to touch the panel screen directly. to do any job. Let's look at an example of a case study below:

touchless solution

Touchless Solution is an integration of 2 features of the Fuji Xerox device, namely the Portable UI and Print Utility where with these two features we can Copy, Print, Scan, and Fax via our SmartPhone * so that we no longer need to touch the device. This of course can prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus which is currently becoming a pandemic.

touchless solution 2

The following are the advantages of a touchless solution with a Fuji Xerox multifunction copier:

  • Remote Device for Copy, Scan to Email & Fax - allows starting jobs on the MFD device via the menu displayed on the SmartPhone.
  • Add number/email from Mobile Address book - Allows retrieving number/email from your Smartphone address book as a fax or email address on the MFD.
  • Print & Scan on Mobile SmartPhone can send print jobs and receive scan results from your multifunction machine.

Astragraphia Document Solution as a trusted partner of choice for customers is always committed to supporting your documentary needs and enabling you to work optimally wherever you are.

For more information about the Touchless solution from Astragraphia Document Solution, please contact Halo Astragraphia directly at telephone number 1500345 or you can fill out the form below:


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