Tips on How to Find a Jakarta-Based Service Centre for Fuji Xerox Printer


Owning a quality machine does not make that machine break-proof considering that all man-made machines have flaws in them. For that very reason, you need to know about service centers near your place in the case said machine got broken. In today’s article, we will discuss the service center specifically for Fuji Xerox printer.

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Tips on Finding the Right Printer Service Center

You folks who want to find a service center for Fuji Xerox printers should be very careful in doing so. If you are living in Jakarta, it is not hard to find a service center printer Fuji Xerox Jakarta for obvious reasons. However, you still need to be careful when you are doing the picking. Below are several tips you can follow if you want to be safe when servicing your printer:

1. The Telephone Number is Easy to Contact and Listed on the Fuji Xerox Official Website

The first thing you can do when your printer's machine is damaged is that you will make a telephone to Fuji Xerox's customer service printer distributor. Make sure you quickly access and find the customer service number on the Fuji Xerox official website in Indonesia,

2. Find Shops that Got an Experienced Technician

If you got a broken printer, you cannot just hand that printer over to someone without prior experience in fixing a printer, no. Professional Fuji Xerox service center will definitely have professionals with many experiences in handling a broken printer.

Generally, an experienced technician would not take too long of a time to fix a broken printer. To find out whether or not a service center is professional, you can refer to the clients prior to yourself. Review websites are a nice place to find some references.

3. They Communicate Well

Everything is better with communication, and printer repair centers are no different from it. This is because you as a customer must be informed about what is broken within your printer. There is no better way of doing it aside from being communicative.

Professional technicians and service centers are almost always transparent with their prices, too.

4. Use of Original Spare Parts From the Principal

By repairing Fuji Xerox printers at an official service center, you will certainly be assured in terms of the use of replacement parts. Make sure you do not do service in the above because there are many possibilities that the spare parts used are used or cannibal from a type of printer machine or other brands. This will certainly have an impact on the durability of your Fuji Xerox printer machine in the future.

Fuji Xerox Jakarta

Those are some tips that you can use to find Fuji Xerox Jakarta printer service center. For those of you who are looking for recommended and professional Fuji Xerox printer service, here are some of the addresses of Fuji Xerox Jakarta printer service center

  1. Fuji Xerox's head office or main office in Jakarta is located at Jalan Kramat Raya Number 43 Jakarta Pusat 10450. 

  2. Astragraphia Branch Office registered on the website.


You can directly contact the Astragraphia Head Office or Branch Offices with a choice of services: or simply bring your printer to the Astragraphia office or Astragraphia technicians who come to your office. For further information, please contact Halo Astragraphia at 1500345.


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